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"...but be an example and set a pattern for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, and in [moral] purity." | 1 TIMOTHY 4:12 AMP


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Part 1

Revelations 15:4

"Who will not fear [reverently] and glorify Your name, O Lord [giving You honor and praise in worship]? For You alone are holy; For all the nations shall come and worship before You, For Your righteous acts [Your just decrees and judgments] have been revealed and displayed." (AMP)

Will be working on this section of the verse today:
"Who will not fear [reverently] and glorify Your name…" (AMP)

When we look at the word reverence, how do we see it. Revere is the ability to look up to another. Following their behaviors, things they say, and even how they react/feel about things around them. When a person has something happen to them in their life, how do they react to it? This is also reverence. 

But, there is a much deeper part of reverence. This is where we have a certain emotion towards another. This emotion will cause a passion of submission. Wanting to have comfort and confidence in their way of looking at and following this other person or being. This feeling is hard to explain because it can have many different forms. Acceptance also plays its part. If a person looks up to another but they are not accepted, confidence will disappear and self-evaluation will begin. This making the other person very unhappy and insecure in their ways. 

Also, we need to look at how this can affect our relationship with Abba, Father. Some can live their whole lives believing they are not worth His forgiveness. Going in His presence with a fear of what might be done to them for actions they perform everyday. The deep dark part of them that is believed to be shunned even by God. Not true but it is believed. God knew we would have this mentality. This is why he left us a nugget of help. One to keep our reverence intact. Hebrew 4:16, "Therefore let us [with privilege] approach the throne of grace [that is, the throne of God's gracious favor] with confidence and without fear, so that we may receive mercy [for our failures] and find [His amazing] grace to help in time of need [an appropriate blessing, coming just at the right moment]." (AMP)

Furthermore, we can see that first, we need grace. This grace can do wonderful things for us. It can bring us to a more obedient state. Yes, knowing God is loving and forgiving helps us not recommit sin over and over. Second, this grace can allow us to not beat ourselves up. Our worst enemy is our own self-condemnation. We may have heard, "you must learn to forgive yourself." When the one we revere and look up to asked us to approach Him with boldness to ask for forgiveness. You gain a sense of self-worth (in Jesus, confidence, not pride). Third, we can move on past beating ourselves up and work on improving ourselves with the guidance and assistant God gives us, our friend, the Holy Spirit. Yes, these matters are of the heart. They bring up roots in the darkest of corners of our very being. They go deeper than any other could go. Acts 2:37, "[The Ingathering] Now when they heard this they were cut to the heart [with remorse and anxiety], and they said to Peter and the rest of the apostles, "Brothers, what are we to do?" (AMP)

As we can see, God digs very deep. He gets down to the root of the matter and tills the soil. His Word is only successful at these depts. His word is not good on rocks (a hard rejecting heart). His word is not good on the path (where trials and tribulation turn us from Him). His Word is not good amongst thorns (where the riches and new things pull us from God). His Word is only good on clean fresh soil. Dirt that is broken, tilled, aeriated, and ready for seeds to give life. This is where the Holy Spirit will water the soil and seed. This is where the production of 30, 60, and 100 fold happen. This is where God lives and thrives. Only in our brokenness, our fully reverent state, can God be 100 percent through us. This is where we live in blessings and pureness of respect to follow God's ways. This is where worship is true and pure. This is where His love can be experience in its fullest potential. 

So remember, the beginning of reverence is understanding grace. Not just any grace, but God's grace. Take sometime until the next part of the sermon to seek out and gain knowledge/wisdom of God's grace. Because, this is the beginning of us understand the person we should look up to, Jesus.

-Apostle Joseph Pickell.

Part 2


Revelations 15:4

"Who will not fear [reverently] and glorify Your name, O Lord [giving You honor and praise in worship]? For You alone are holy; For all the nations shall come and worship before You, For Your righteous acts [Your just decrees and judgments] have been revealed and displayed." (AMP)

Will be working on this section of the verse today:
"…O Lord [giving You honor and praise in worship]? For You alone are holy;…" (AMP)

Last topic, we discussed how to respect, even revere our Father in Heaven. Now, I want to move onto worship. Worship comes in many forms. Worship can be to sing songs of gratitude and love to Abba, God. Also, worship is found in obedience from our hearts to His Word. John 4:24 (AMP) says, "God is spirit [the Source of life, yet invisible to mankind], and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth.”

Obeying God should come from love for Him. He asks us to love Him with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength. This is the first commandment to fulfilling Jesus' two that fulfill the law of the prophets. Think about a women you love, will you change anything about yourself to make her happy. You are told not to, do not listen to these people. It is the natural order of things to change things about yourself to appeal to somebody else. What you do not want to do is go back to who you were before you make these changes. This is where worshiping God comes in. It your love for Him, you want to change who you are to allow God to see that you are willing to do anything for Him. 

You may relate better to a teacher you admire. One in school, college, or even Sunday school. They teach you about something that you really enjoy. You sit in anticipation waiting to hear what they will share next. This "awe" type mentality requires a lot from a person. It requires emotional effort, mental focus, the heart to be connected, and the person to be willing. This is the worship feeling we are to have with our Abba (great teacher), Father. He is our teacher and is here to teach us all the great things we want to learn. Yes, the information or wisdom He teaches is to help us be who we are meant to be, designed to be, and created to be. He can fulfill in us the missing feeling only he can feel.
Also, God builds on the information and makes it wisdom. This wisdom becomes understanding. When we understand Him, we are able to feel joy from our spirit. We begin to complete ourselves in Him. We slowly work back towards being Adam or Eve of the Garden of Eden. Yes. This is the goal. The worship from a person working towards becoming more complete and has a reverent heart is the best worship God can ever experience from His children. 

It is not selfish of God, the benefit is mutual.

 1. We become more complete reducing the emptiness inside
 2. We experience joy and not just happiness that fades like the wind
 3. We feel the anoint more and more the closer we come to God instead of dry worship
 4. We learn how God's work in us is complete the more we understand

Let God work with you in all these things. Study how worship is both song and dance, as well as in our becoming more like Adam and Eve before the great curse. Understanding how we were supposed to be before we gained knowledge of good and evil. This allowing us to feel a completeness in our flesh and spirit. Study these things and learn them. They will change your life forever!

-Apostle Joseph Pickell

Part 3


Revelations 15:4

"Who will not fear [reverently] and glorify Your name, O Lord [giving You honor and praise in worship]? For You alone are holy; For all the nations shall come and worship before You, For Your righteous acts [Your just decrees and judgments] have been revealed and displayed." (AMP)

Will be working on this section of the verse today:
"…For all the nations shall come and worship before You…" (AMP)

One day, we will all worship God. Whether it be in fear of not knowing Him (Moses and the burning bush) or it being an awe of knowing Him (a devout Christian following Him). He is our creator, keeper, and leader. He knows our ways, wants, and needs. He is the trueness of ourselves. Nothing we are can be complete without Him. He keeps us in fullness and completeness. 

What is God to us if we are to worship Him? How do we work to resolve these conflicts inside when our emotions get the best of us? How does a person please Him in worship if we are angry, depressed, suicidal. We need to say out loud, "Father, the one true person that understands what I am going through is You. How I feel inside, all the stuff going on around us, You are the best of it all. I lay down my hurt, hate, and anger at your feet. We put it all there. We say it with our hearts and move past the chaos. We tell God with tears, with words spoken aloud, and with our hearts at His mercy and grace. We say it with love that hate will never understand. We say it with grace that He gave us. 

What do we say? We ask for forgiveness of our wrongs. We do this with our words or hearts desire. We confess our repeated issues to Him knowing that He is the only one that can erase them from our uncontrollable desire to commit the act that He defies. We do this in a way that He knows will make us a difference. This help we receive from this confession brings us closer to Jesus, Father, Holy Spirit. It brings us into Love. He is love. Love is He. No other way around it. It brings us to a place that allows us to approach the throne of grace with boldness. This boldness we push our hearts in our song, words, and actions to worship our almighty Father. He keeps us everlasting in the Holy Spirit's presence as we pray. We worship in slow song of minds desire and this aligns our heart. 

This alignment brings the best heart felt feelings of love from God to us. This keeps the anointing flowing through our spirit. That warm sweet embrace with the Holy Spirit fills you and the room you worship in. He flows and flows. Breaks down all the barriers this world pushes on us causing Worldly actions to be forced we have not learned to not react to. The flow of peace and love comes at such an amazing point.

Yes. God does know you will wait until you are at your point of brokenness before you will seek this presence from Him. He knows that it will take a lifetime to perfect this act of reverence. But, we know that our humility is the key to experiencing this anointing in our lives. This is our cup overflowing. When we persevere long enough, He opens the doors of Heaven to us.

This means, when we are whole, we are blessed. Yes. Material blessing comes, but it does not pull us from God. He has completed this portion of His work in us. Before this occurs, we will fail time and time again until we understand what He is doing. He will fill our hearts with His love. The material things will flourish but not cause us to fall in love with them. This is were true joy begins. The fleeting happiness we think we have from the material things around us all fall away. We have joy because:

 1. We know He is in control
 2. We trust what He is doing
 3. We live in a worshiping habits that keeps the presence flowing through us
 4. We love His ways because they are perfect and align with our design from the beginning (Adam and Eve)
 5. His presence fills our lives to overflow in those around us (just keep living the way you do in Jesus and you will see others come around to act as you do or will ask how you do what you do)
 6. His joy becomes our strength and we do not worry about anything whether it seem impossible or possible
 7. He is the King of Kings and knows everything, why would you not worship Him in wonderful song, action and reverence

-Apostle Joseph Pickell

Part 4


Revelations 15:4

"Who will not fear [reverently] and glorify Your name, O Lord [giving You honor and praise in worship]? For You alone are holy; For all the nations shall come and worship before You, For Your righteous acts [Your just decrees and judgments] have been revealed and displayed." (AMP)

Will be working on this section of the verse today:
"…For Your righteous acts [Your just decrees and judgments] have been revealed and displayed.…" (AMP)

Righteous acts - His ability to always be right
Decrees - This is God telling us do something because he is our leader
Judgments - make good or be smart about the end result

God is righteous. His decrees are good for all men. He judges with all things considered. This simply means He has the ability to be the best for us. We are created in His image and likeness. Who to better know what structure we need for our lives than one just like us and who created us. He knows us through and through. Every thought, feeling, desire, and I could go on an on.

So, we must know what this means for us. I want to center on justice here. I believe this will explain this part of the verse in fullness and make the most sense of it. God has made these things known to us and displayed them through His son, Jesus Christ. We have the Old Testament showing God and the New Testament showing God through His Son. This is where justice comes in.

With justice, there are many forms. It can be the ability to make things fair from one poor house to one rich house. It can make an ethnicity have the same respect as other ethnic groups. It can ensure that a person can receive the same benefits another can. Justice is also correction given for an action. It is also a reward for doing something great. It simply means fairness and Adam, Eve, and Satan took this fair world from us.

As we all know, life is far from fair. Yes, very unfair. In fact, from one house to the next, you can see many differences. From one person's color of their skin to the next, they are looked at differently. From one car driven to another, there is a different reaction to people that see you. If I see a person driving a car that is all beat up and has many dents and dings, the engine sounds like a tornado, and the belts and brakes are heard down the street, I might wonder about the person driving this car. Where as I see another person driving a brand new 2017 Rolls Royce, well being driven more than likely, I might have a different perspective.

My thought process is typically different than some others. Are they driving either car like a demon or like an angel? Are they cutting people off and showing no respect for other drivers or are they being respectful? Some just think, they are driving a piece of junk, they have to be bad people. That person driving the Rolls Royce has to be a saint because they have all the means to afford it.

This is far from justice. This is not how God thinks, acts, and leads His children and non-believers. This is how Satan wants the world. So, there is the most grief possible in every part of the world. The opposite result of justice is grief. Many things can stem from grief but, ultimately, this is where we end up, grief ridden.

All this is said to understand the rest of the verse. This is to show that one day, we will all be on the new earth. Do not worry yourself with these things. Yes, try to fix them to the best of your ability. Show that you care by doing something to make justice more relevant in the world. But, after you have done what you can do, give it to God. You simply need to love God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength. And, love your neighbor as yourself (this is a whole different sermon in itself - loving your neighbor as yourself is not what it sounds like).

Just worship God and be nice to the people around you (be nice to yourself). You never know what they are going through and they do not know what you are going through. When they come up and ask you how you are so joyful all the time. This is the time to explain your secret. This is the time to let them know your world is crazy and messed up just like theirs but you have God to give it all to. You have a Father in Heaven that loves you SO much and He is absolutely amazing.

Please, remember that God is always there. The closer you get to Him the better off your life will be in this walk. There are still many things we do not understand, but we must run to our teacher to understand these things. He will show us. We just need to listen for His still small voice. That is the beginning to getting past the misinformation we are guided to that can lead us away from our one true love, Jesus! We can have reverence because our God is completely fair.

-Apostle Joseph Pickell

This concludes this sermon series, "REVERENCE." New sermon coming soon…

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