My Inner Peace

"...but be an example and set a pattern for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, and in [moral] purity." | 1 TIMOTHY 4:12 AMP

God Is First

Sermons Series

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Part 1
Jeremiah 3:24-25

From childhood we have watched
    as everything our ancestors worked for—
their flocks and herds, their sons and daughters—
    was squandered on a delusion.

Let us now lie down in shame
    and cover ourselves with dishonor,
for we and our ancestors have sinned
    against the Lord our God.
From our childhood to this day
    we have never obeyed him.” (NLT)

-Ever hear your parents or somebody older than you say, "Grandpa or grandma would turn over in his/her grave if they could see what is going on." Ever wonder what they meant. Maybe you already know. The simple moral that each person will respect only what they put their hands to is very real. If you did not earn the money and pay for it yourself or if you did not build it with your own hands, more than likely a person will not respect/take care of it as much if they had to earn it. We see this concept with loans people receive instead of earn and saving to make a big purchase.

-Back in biblical times we see this moral over and over again. God would have to redirect His people over and over again. They were born into riches and felt entitled. They learned how to enjoy the benefit before learning how to earn and keep it. The story of David and Solomon are a great example. David gained it all, Solomon flourished and enjoyed it, and the following kings let it slip through their fingers. Why do you think God brought are amazing Jesus into the picture? This created the choice for each person to develop their own relationship.

-This relationship has to be earned (I am not speaking of salvation - this is a gift). Making God first, seeking Jesus' example, and building a relationship with the Holy Spirit make this yoke easy and light. We can follow Jesus' expectations with ease. This procedure is the key to unlocking God's hand. Should we do this to seek the blessing, absolutely not. The goal is to want, desire, and could not live without talking to God. He should be our first love.

-Jesus said to love our wives like He loved the church. Ephesians 5:25 states, "25 For husbands, this means love your wives, just as Christ loved the church. He gave up his life for her..." (NLT). What does this mean? It means to not look at her as a paid servant or prostitute but to get to know her. Get to know her wants, fears, accomplishments, and anything else to build a friendship. Get to know the women like Jesus got to know our situation while He was on earth. He did not come down raining fiery rocks on peoples heads. He did not created a flood trying to force us into salvation. He built a relationship with his church. He had followers that wanted to know all they could about Him. When he was sacrificed for the sins of those who are willing to believe, the church left His side and scattered. But, as promised, Jesus came back to give instruction for the church. He established a connection with the Holy Spirit the first followers could embrace because Jesus was to go sit in Heaven at the right side of God.

-We are to fall in love with the Holy Spirit. This relationship will teach us God's expectations while in our sinful body. After we seek the Holy Spirit following the scripture to do this, God will add "...add all these things unto us." We will not desire the blessing but the relationship and the fulfillment we find in this relationship. This then will teach us how to love others, too. This will also show us the relationship with God is how we keep what was blessed to us by those we came from (sometimes we have to start over because nothing was given, but I understand this and know you can do it).

-So, build your relationship with God. Do not depend on another's relationship as this will do nothing for you. Depend on God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. Each play a role in our success with God and His expectation. This will rid of the prideful idea of entitlement. This will create a desire to learn and know how to love and discover our Creator.

Part 2
Jeremiah 4:1

“O Israel,” says the Lord,
    “if you wanted to return to me, you could.
You could throw away your detestable idols
    and stray away no more. (NLT)

-Times in life bring us to a path. The decision is there. It is real and will affect many things. The decision is to push on in Christ or live life. Press on and know that all is not in vain due to many doubt-filled preachers trying to kill the biblical stories into false-truths and are simply stories.

-Then one may think, where is God in these situations we face everyday? How does God operate? May I have peace in the chaos of things? Also, does God really exist? The best answer, try it and see for yourself.

-On a different thought, I get tired and weary. So many things come against me, but, I have learned one thing; We have to keep going. God put me hear to speak my heart and that is what He expects from me to you.

-The best I can, I do this. Keep God first. No matter what you do. Consider Him the reason you are still alive and well. He loves and cares so deeply about you that our earthly abilities cannot reason with. Remember! He is Abba. He keeps us going, no matter what could be a problem we currently deal with and possibly regret.

-So, how does God operate. When we look at God, what do we think. Answer of prayers, amazing God, and Savior from all things? Do we think of Him as a blanket in hard times. An ear when we cannot deal with it all. Maybe, God is a punisher we pray on other's heads.

When we pull all possibilities that can change our idea or reverence towards God; this is when we are not sure of our faith. Faith without faith, is dead. We have to press on. God may not answer that one prayer, but what prayers does He answer? Please, think on that and keep praying.

Part 3
Jeremiah 4:2

Then when you swear by my name, saying,
    ‘As surely as the Lord lives,’
you could do so
    with truth, justice, and righteousness.
Then you would be a blessing to the nations of the world,
    and all people would come and praise my name.”

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